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Business Affiliate Form

The information provided in this Affiliate Agreement is for planning, coordinating, and broadcasting product/services streams and virtual events on Therefore the affiliate agrees not to disclose the content without the expressed written permission of HYPE100 Radio. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that this document is confidential and that any use or disclosure of information contained herein may result in harm or damage to the entire project.  Also, this document does not constitute an offer of securities or ownership of​ .

*All Small Businesses Must Email a Copy of Their Logo and / or Business License

Agreed services are provided by HYPE100 Radio with any deadlines/stipulations Hype100 Radio services include but not limited to: (Per season)


Social Media/ Website Marketing to over 10, 000+ Listeners (and growing) per month across the WORLD! 

Radio Advertisement :*Spots:15 seconds* Drops: 30-45 seconds *Ads: 60 seconds

Business Branding 

Street Team Event Planning /Promotions 

PrimeTime Airplay and Promo Drops 


All parties involved have read and understood this agreement. Any changes and modifications to this agreement must be made with the consent of all involved parties.  

An Invite Will Be Sent to Join Hype 100 Private Mighty Network  

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