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Podcast Affiliate Form

The information provided in this Affiliate Agreement is for planning, coordinating, and broadcasting podcasts, live and recorded streams, virtual events, and performances that will be played and/or promoted on/by Therefore the affiliate agrees not to disclose the content without the expressed written permission of HYPE100 Radio. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that this document is confidential and that any use or disclosure of information contained herein may result in harm or damage to the entire project.  Also, this document does not constitute an offer of securities or ownership of

Program/Show Objective:

Please e-mail any Past Recordings to

3 Show/ 2 Station Id’s are required 

Weekly Shows/Events Information: (Please indicate any special interviews, sponsors,)

**Podcast Affiliate Pricing will be based on client need and therefore will be calculated after that is established

An Invite will be sent for you to join HYPE 100 Radio Mighty Network

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