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Affiliate FORM
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You acknowledge that the information provided for these events, shows, and/or programs are confidential. Therefore, the reader agrees not to disclose the content without the expressed written permission of the aforementioned. Furthermore, knowledge of this document is confidential, and that any use or disclosure of information contained herein may result in harm or damages to the entire project.  Also, this document does not constitute an offer of securities or ownership of  HYPE ​100 Radio

Agreement Start and End Date/Time(s) 

Summer Season 2022:  June 15- Sept 15

Fall Season 2022: Sept 15- Dec 15

Winter Season 2022/23: Dec 15-March 15

Spring Season 2023: March 15-June15 

Terms and Conditions to be met by all parties including Any Deadlines

Artist Responsible for:


3 recorded station ID; 2 Artists ID

***All Music Must be sent to in MP3 format WHEN REQUESTED and Properly labeled. 

Social media presence- 500 Listeners 


Event/Concert Information (must be submitted 4 weeks prior) 

Monthly Subscription $Hype100Radio- Venmo and Paypal (see subscription prices 

Custom priced packages are available upon request

An Invite Will Be Sent to Join Our Private Mighty Network

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