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Welcome to “The Underground Railroad of Multimedia”. 

Hype100 is a unique emerging multimedia platform propelled by the hard work and dedication of its growing list of independent affiliates. With this in mind, we are at the developmental stages of programming the next successful wave of online radio listening. We are a place to enjoy a collection of underground content from creators located all over the world. Some of our exclusive content creators you will not hear anywhere else. 

HYPE 100 Radio streams and live and recorded broadcasts from its affiliates located all over the world. In turn, they promote our brand and assist with expanding the network. We also take advantage of the incredible cross-marketing opportunities we create from connecting brands from throughout the country.  


HYPE 100 Radio IS: 

⦁ A Network of Independent / Underground Musicians, Poets, Artists, Writers and Podcasters

⦁ Providing Exclusive Live and Recorded Talk Shows and Broadcasts

⦁ Inclusive to All Genres and Types of Music  

⦁ Programming and Scheduling 24 / 7

⦁ The US and International Affiliate Based Internet Radio station


HYPE 100 Radio Provides:

⦁ A 90 day paid Subscription for Prime airplay ( Custom agreements include: Marketing, Editing, Audio/Podcast Production, Event and Show Management, Promotions, Artist Development, and more if required) 

⦁ Inclusion in our Annual Radio Station Fundraisers/Showcase (Vendors, Sponsorships, and Donation Packages available) 

⦁ Stable Positions Within the Company for Those Who Meet Eligibility Requirements.


Proposed Radio Programing Set up ( Eastern standard times) 

9am-1pm Morning Moods 1pm-5pm Afternoon Delight  

5pm-9pm -Winding Down 9pm-1am -Late Night Vybes

1am-9am- Overnight Play


• Monday-Thursday Regular Programing (All Music and Podcasts) 

• Friday Artist ShowCase ( Subscription Artists only) Extreme Music

• Saturday – Dj mixes and Beat Makers/ Event Shows/ Podcast   

• Sunday-HYPE Ministries Podcast / Music


HYPE 100 Radio is proud to promote some of the hardest working content creators and aspiring artists from around the world. We are a young company, but we continuously strive to bring quality content to our thousands of loyal listeners so thank you for deciding to take this fantastic journey of growth with us.

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